Sometimes my brain does not work very well

It can be difficult to think. The will is there but the mind is heavy, distant.


'Brain fog' is a symptom commonly experienced by people with a chronic illness, and it can mean many things: difficulty thinking clearly, poor concentration, cognitive  fatigue, the sense of fighting through a haze. It is a disturbing and dissociative experience. Since my diagnosis with multiple sclerosis (MS), it is an experience I have too often – and what to do with this? 


This blog was originally conceived of as personal project to help me find my way on the bad days – a challenge: when it feels like I can do nothing, do something. 


But this site is also an experiment: an exploration of the self and the mind, of neuroscience and research and illness, of change and loss and healing, and of the connections and connections that weave it all together. 


I am electric. I am attune to every jolt of energy passing quickly along the length of my hand, jumping between my fingertips. I vibrate with sensation. I can not explain it more than that.

You want to know how it feels? Like pin pricks, sharp and thin, quicker than lig...

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