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May 9, 2018

"What's wrong with me?" by Meghan Rourke


This is one of the best essay's I've read on the experience of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She begins it by writing:


"Illness narratives usually have startling beginnings—the fall at the supermarket, the lump discovered in the abdomen, the doctor’s call. Not mine. I got sick the way Hemingway says you go broke: “gradually and then suddenly.”


This is the way it often goes - the gradual accumulation of symptoms (the fatigue, the pains) that are 

Another favorite quote in the essay :


“Pain is always new to the sufferer, but loses its originality for those around him,” the nineteenth-century French writer Alphonse Daudet observes in his account of living with syphilis, “In the Land of Pain.” “Everyone will get used to it except me.”


"How my chronic illness inspired me to start my first business at 22"


"Flexible jobs for the chronically ill: Chronically Capable is a platform that strives to connect the chronically ill with meaningful remote work and flexible employers, so that no one ever has to decide between their life’s passions and their health again."







"The Scientific Paper is Obsolete: Here's what's next." by James Somer



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